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How to Apply and the Process

A.  Application Process:

  1. All Police applicants can visit the Public Safety Testing website and apply online.  PST currently conducts tests monthly.   We will get scores as openings occur.  
  2. Police Laterals will take the written only.  This can be done at a PST event or at a local college for out of state candidates.  (Check PST websites for locations)
  3. Jail Transport applicants will visit the city website, find the job announcement and apply online.  A written test will be scheduled.

B.  Once we get your passing scores, they will be added to the existing list and ranked.  Your ranking changes as expired names are removed or future scores are added.

C.  Oral Boards will be scheduled and conducted at our facility.  We normally interview 15-20 applicants.  Out of state police Lateral oral boards may be virtual if requested by the applicant.

D.  Once the scores are tallied, seven names will be forwarded to the Police Department for Backgrounds.  One extra name will be added for each opening.

E.  Once the backgrounds are completed, the Chief of Police will be given the list and will invite successful applicants to meet with him.   If positive, the applicant may be given a conditional letter of employment.


F.  The applicant will be given three tests, a medical, a polygraph, and a Psychological.  The applicant must pass all three to be hired.


G.  Academy.   

  1. Out of state police laterals must pass the WACJTC Equivalency Academy.  This is held at the WACJTC and will be sent as classes come available.
  2. Entry Level will be sent to the next available academy class at the WACJTC.
  3. In-state Laterals will be able to go right to work.
  4. Transport applicants training will be determined by experience level.