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City Reporting Sectors

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The city is divided into four sectors, with the downtown being Sector 4.   All were sized based on their call load.  Each Sector has at least two officers assigned with a minimum number of officers on shift based on time of day.   

Agency Calls for Service

2015  82,704

2016  83,072 (+.04%)

2017  83,095 (+.01%)

Total Reports Taken

2015  20,535

2016  20,037 (-.02%)

2017  18,987 (- 5%)

We are located just north of Tacoma, WA.  Our city has a population of 92,000 and growing yearly.

Median Price of a Pierce County home (as of 1/2018)

$299k   Total levied tax rate of $14.73 per $1,000. (2017)  

Median Price of a King County home (as of 1/2018)

$565k  Total levied tax rate of 10.56 per $1,000. (2017)

Cost to live here (roll over name for area)


136 Sworn

65 assigned to patrol

Federal Way Median Price of a Federal Way home (as of 1/2018) $315k   Tax rate of 9.27 per $1,000. Click to see Sector Map
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